Your guide to choosing, designing, and setting up a tripwire digital product that will make you money on autopilot!


My niche is pretty specific.

For that reason I may never have hundreds of thousands of pageviews and my list may never be giant.

BUT in just my second month after launching my site, I was already generating hundreds in income from my tripwire alone.

Fast-forward a bit.. from launch date (late October 2017) to now (Aug 2018) I've generated $29,885.47

$17815.14 of that was from digital product sales.

The money I've spent in ads growing my list, I've made it all back and more. How? Tripwire digital products.

What tripwires have allowed me to do is:

✔️ Monetize while still working to grow my foundation

✔️ Grow my list faster by being able to invest in ads

✔️ Give me a good sense of what type of products my audience is interested (which helped me come up with bigger products)

✔️ Gave me a way to make money on autopilot

Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a way for you to generate automated income WHILE working on growing you blog?

I bet you feel like you aren't "ready" for products or that you don't have a big enough list.

Maybe you feel like you want to make money from you blog but you don't have the pageviews or the email list to do it.

Maybe you haven't even heard of this "tripwire" thing. Or you've heard of it but don't even know where to start.


In the Tripwire Deep Dive: Live Workshop I'm going to teach you...

✔️ How to come up with an idea for a tripwire product

✔️ How to design it using both Canva and Adobe products

✔️ How to create your tripwire sales page

✔️ How to automate it so that when someone signs up to your list, they are instantly offered your product

✔️ An inside peek at the FOUR pages I create for every tripwire and how I use them to scale my income with my tripwire funnel

✔️ You will also have lifetime access to the replay right here inside teachable


Who doesn't love a good bonus?!

Template: Ebook with worksheet pages!!

Available in Canva *AND* Adobe Illustrator formats. These is an exclusive template not available anywhere else (in other words, these are different templates than in our toolkits or free library!) and they will be available in both Canva and Illustrator!!

Get started now!