Your workshop to help you choose, design, and set up lead magnets that actually grow your list without spending hours a day fighting for every subscriber!


"Create lead magnets so people sign up to your email list."

"The money is in the list."

"The money is in the list. The money is in the list."

You've heard it. You get it.

But, you struggle with thinking of lead magnets that people actually DO sign up for.

I mean, the average person gets over 100 emails a day. People aren't quick to give out their email address and I'm betting you've noticed that.

Maybe you've got the idea but you just don't know how to create or the logistics of setting it up so that it's actually delivered when someone signs up for your list.


That's the number of people that signed up for my list in my seventh month blogging.

I never thought that was possible for me, especially being such a tightly niched site. BUT when I finally discovered how to actually rock the whole "lead magnet" thing it became not only fun, but slightly addictive!

It's fun to see people loving on your freebies.

It's amazing to see people use your freebies and get success with them!

Just think. Would it not be AWESOME to be able to find a way that can not only grow your list more quickly but also give you leverage for monetization?


In the Lead Magnet Design + Setup Workshop you'll learn...

✔️ How to brainstorm the very best lead magnets that will actually get sign ups

✔️ How to create and design them so they are attractive, professional, and eye catching.

✔️ Promotional tips to actually get people to notice them

✔️ How to set up your email service provider (for the demonstration, I'll use Convertkit) to autodeliver -- including forms and sequences (aka. the techy stuff)

✔️ Going beyond the lead magnet: using your lead magnets to nurture your audience and as a lever for monetization so you can actually generate an income for your blog

✔️ Replay includes the live Q+A/group coaching session at the end of each section plus a lead magnet critique-- Learn from others questions and check out real life examples of lead magnets and how they can be improved to better performance!

✔️ You will have lifetime access to the replay videos, worksheets, and templates right here inside teachable


Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to strategically grow your list in a way that actually makes you money-- all at an affordable price? This deep dive workshop is a no-fluff crash course on list building and it's exactly what you're looking for!


Who doesn't love a good bonus?!

10 Lead Magnet Templates!!

Available in Canva *AND* Adobe Illustrator formats. These are exclusive templates not available anywhere else (in other words, these are different templates than in our toolkits or free library!) and for the FIRST TIME, they will be available in both Canva and Illustrator!!

Get started now!