Your crash course in graphic design and how to implement design concepts to create better blog graphics!


Are you frustrated trying to design beautiful and captivating graphics for your blog to get more traffic and make more money?

Back when I did design coaching, my second client said to me:

"I know how to use Canva. But I DON'T know what looks good"

This has been a common theme. Whatever design program the user was using, they has no problems learning how to use it. The problem was falling on the fact that they had no idea how to combine graphic design concepts in a strategic way that would allow them produce an attractive graphic that would help them grow their blog. The foundation of design was missing and/or misinterpreted.

How do graphics grow your blog?

  • They get you more traffic and shares (social media graphics)
  • They grow your email list (designing lead magnets and promotional images for your opt in)
  • They make you more money (designing paid products and all the graphics that go with it plus the promotional images for launching and promoting your product)

So when my clients tell me that they just flat out don't know what looks good, or how to create a branded style, or how to use design to grab peoples attention my first thought is:

Stop trying to master your design program.

It's only going to get you so far.

Step back and grasp the foundation: graphic design.

I know your brain is full of blogging concepts and strategies. I know your busy and your time is precious. That's why I'm going to break it down in this no-fluff, simple to follow, simple to implement crash course workshop specifically for bloggers.

What knowing design has allowed me to do is:

✔️ Quickly and effectively design promotional graphics to get more traffic and sales

✔️ Provide my readers a professional, organized experience on my blog and through my products

✔️ Create a consistent and recognizable brand

✔️ Grow my blog with a low overhead cost (aka, I didn't have to hire others to create my graphics or my products)

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could understand the design concepts in such a way that would help you create stunning graphics in less time?

I bet you feel like you aren't "made" for this, or that you are not "creative enough"

Let me tell you, if you are blogger (writer or even business owner) you ARE creative enough.

You just haven't had anyone spell it out for you and walk you through it. Let's do this together!


In the Graphic Design for Bloggers Masterclass, you will learn...

✔️ Visual hierarchy and how to master it strategically for your blog

✔️ Other Design concepts such as: the rule of thirds, alignment, contrast, proximity, and balance.

✔️ How to implement all of these concepts in your blog graphics

✔️ How to create brand consistency

✔️ How to master color and typography concepts (designing with fonts)

✔️ You will also have lifetime access to the replay right here inside teachable + TEN exclusive Pinterest templates (for Canva + Adobe Photoshop)


Who doesn't love a good bonus?!

Template: 10 Pinterest Images!!

Available in Canva *AND* Adobe Photoshop formats. These are exclusive templates not available anywhere else and they are available in both Canva and photoshop!!