Designing Your Blog Growth: FREE 3 Day Challenge

3 Days of Learning Design and Access to Canva Templates That Will Get You There!

Here’s the thing:

You start a blog because you love to write. You want to inspire people, teach people, and make a difference. You are ready to conquer the world as you buy your domain name and set up your theme. You enthusiastically write your first blog post and start telling the world about your blog.

And then what? You read all the articles about people going from zero to bajillion dollars overnight, so what the heck?! So, you dust yourself and start learning. Because you must be doing something wrong right? I mean, I know I didn’t see a bajillion dollars in my account overnight. 🤣

Turns out, it’s not exactly a “build it and they’ll come” situation. You need your blog to look professional. You need that logo, the color palette, the brand identity. You need a lead magnet, the social media images, the products, the sales funnel, the content and the content UPGRADES. There’s so much.

And like I said, you got into blogging because you love to write-- who knew you’d have to be a graphic designer too?

Soooo, enter: Design your Blog Growth

Where I’ll talk you through exactly what I do with my clients to help them finally nail the design part of blogging so they can start making money, and how simple it is. There’s no magic or trickery here. There’s no resorting to expensive and confusing courses or softwares. And I promise you don’t need to be a skilled graphic designer to rock this.

This is the kind of training that outlines exactly the kinds of things you need to be “designing” for your blog so it can GROW and how you can do it in very little time.

So, join me?

P.S Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • DAY ONE: How to easily optimize your blog through design so it's professional and eye-catching
  • DAY TWO: Rock your social media by learning how to design killer images that pull people into your content (aka- get more clicks, get more traffic)
  • DAY THREE: Grow that list!!
  • EACH DAY You'll get free Canva templates to complete the challenge!
  • BONUS: Create a Funnel E-Guide.. start generating money on autopilot!

I can't wait to see you in there!

Your Instructor

Kara Fidd
Kara Fidd

Hey, I’m Kara.

And I’m here to give it to ya straight. As a graphic designer and blogger,

all things design + product creation are my JAM.

I make a full time living in my business creating awe-inspiring designs that jump right off the page.

I have a certification in graphic design from NYS

And I’m also a self-proclaimed Canva whizz.

When I say making blog-growing graphics is my jam, I mean it.


I'm all about getting you to stand out.

Because when you stand out and get noticed, you get more traffic. You grow your list. You make more money.

Are you ready?

Get started now!